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My Fitness Journey (continued)


Vowing to never diet again, I decided to eat mostly healthy food. I also committed to exercise — no matter the duration or type —at least five days a week, making it the most important thing I did each day.


I lost weight. My pain and physical limitations disappeared. By the time my kids left home and I retired from teaching third grade, I was fitter and healthier. I decided to become a Personal Trainer to share the joy of transforming oneself, even well into middle age.

Update: 2021

In the same way that I have evolved improving my physical health, I’ve been on a life-long journey exploring mental and spiritual well-being.


Currently, breaking age-related barriers and stereotypes is top on my list. I see this as necessary for opening up possibilities for all of us as we age. I hope you’ll come along on this journey with me! FIT (in every way) FOR REST OF YOUR LIFE!



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