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My Fitness Journey (continued)


After years of losing and gaining back more weight, vowing to never diet again, I decided to never deprive myself again but instead aim to just eat healthy food most of the time. I consumed health-related documentaries, blogs, podcasts, and books. I also committed to exercise — no matter the duration or type —at least five days a week, making it the most important thing I did each day.

I began with a gentle yoga class offered at the school where I taught and held in the kindergarten room! I added Pilates, Spin, and fitness classes. I lost weight. I got stronger. My pain and physical limitations disappeared. By the time my kids left home and I retired from teaching third grade, I was fitter and healthier. I decided to become a Personal Trainer to share the joy of transforming oneself, at any age.

At that time I also began working with trainers myself doing strength training along with high-intensity workouts  - refining my form, increasing my mobility, and getting stronger with progressively heavier weights. The results have been empowering. My body moves better and looks better. Other areas of my life have changed - my relationships, my mental and emotional health, my confidence. I'm passionate about turning women on to the joys of strength training. I hope you’ll come along on this journey with me to be . . .





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