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"Training is part of my life."

Traveling in Italy this month, fitness was part of my trip. Bike day trips, hiking, and visiting gyms were as much a part of the adventure as visiting museums and historical sights. No, I'm not someone who travels to do a marathon in exotic places or to do rigorous hiking or cycling vacations. I just try to be super active and add in workouts when I can schedule visits to local gyms. Here I am in Bologna, Italy.

Why? Arnold says it best. "Training is part of my life." he explains here in this short video.

In this famous gym motivational speech he asks, "Why do you want to workout, what is your goal?"- watch it here,

The why for me? I participated in a weight loss, therapy-like group almost 20 years ago. I had tried everything. I was good at losing weight, just bad at keeping it off. A requirement to be part of the group was to exercise 6 days per week. Any amount, any kind counted, even 5 minutes. At that time, in my 50's, I weighed as much as 50 pounds more than I do today. Because I had been slim and fit my whole adult life, I was mortified to go back to my old gym, even to go for walks in my neighborhood. So, I joined a more obscure gym, put motivational tapes in my walkman, and forced myself to go outside and walk.

It was the decision to exercise, no matter what, that changed my life. I MADE EXERCISE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I DID EACH DAY. Once I began keeping promises to myself, my resolve and confidence began to change my life. It started snowballing into every area of my life until years later I realized not only had my weight and shape changed, but so had my habits, my work life, my personal life, my relationships . . . everything. This resolve to workout out regularly is part of my life, now (just like Arnold says), as much as brushing my teeth or any other self-care routine.

Here's working out Italian style at Bad Beast Crossfit in Lucca, Italy. It was a blast!

Visiting gyms in other places can be a real cultural adventure, a way to meet and interact with local people. Google maps (gyms nearby) make it easy to find gyms that welcome visitors, whether it's New York City, SoCal, or other countries, for me it's been a great experience.


If you are in Marin and want to make strength training part of your workout routine, come check out my new class on Tuesday mornings OR the ongoing class on Thursdays at noon in San Rafael. if you're interested!

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