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Will Glucose Monitoring Be the Next Weight Loss Trend???

Today, during our BETTER TO GETHER Zoom class, Marla Mulkey, one of our members, was wearing a glucose monitoring patch during the workout. Curious, when our accountability group met after the class, we wanted to know more. Marla is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach so she generously led a brief discussion. She explained that the monitors are a tool used primarily by diabetics to help delay or prevent diabetes problems that may arise. This CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) article gives an overview of what monitors are and how they are used. She explained how she uses a monitor herself periodically to track her blood sugar levels and uses the feedback to make diet and lifestyle tweaks to keep her levels in a healthy range. Marla offered to provide information about the monitor she uses; people can contact her through her website. Using glucose monitoring as a tool for weight management is a current trend. Read about it here in this Forbes article, Glucose Monitoring is the Weight Loss Biohack You Never Knew You Needed.

Just this week I listened to an interview on the SuperAge Podcast of Dr. Richard Johnson, author of the book Nature Wants Us to Be Fat and he and David Stewart talked about glucose monitoring, among other topics related to glucose and fructose. In this interview you learn the difference between the two and their affect on weight gain. He talks about his research, recommendations for foods to avoid, and the importance of drinking enough water. Of particular interest to me was the cravings that can be set off by consuming too much fructose. This was something I experienced 15 or so years ago when I was at my highest weight and worst eating habits. The more carbohydrates I ate, the more it set off an insatiable hunger for more carbs. I recognized it at the time but it was difficult to get out of the loop. My body was craving vegetables, nutritious food, but instead I was consuming the opposite of what it needed. Now, when I eat adequate food, and keep my carbs, protein, and fat intakes within healthy limits, those cravings are non-existent. It’s so much easier to eat well when I eat well! Listening to this interview got me thinking about the foods I consume and how I can observe how they affect me, and Dr. Johnson's book is on my reading list. Check out the interview – I think you’ll find it informative.

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