Does your body keep pace with your life?

Strong muscles make bodies move better — at every age.

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Get strong, move better.

Achieve long-term fitness with my strength training circuit that does it all. 

Physically safe. 





Core Strength




Joint Comfort


Make powerful choices.

Lasting results take more than exercise alone.

Reset your mindset.

Group support.

Stay after your Zoom class for 30-minute idea exchanges that support fitness goals.

Posts related to group support

that inspire you

along the way.

A motivational blog.

About my fitness journey.

Who I am ...

I'm an NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

I teach strength training to individuals and small groups with an emphasis on functional fitness — aimed at building strength, flexibility, and aerobic endurance for perform everyday activities safely and with ease. After five years working in health clubs in Marin County,

I'm now offering these services on my own.


I’m an athlete — more so now, later in life. 


No, I don’t do anything amazing

like running marathons. I’m just really fit. It wasn’t always that way.


Born pre-Title Nine, when there were few sports programs for girls, I grew up smoking with friends at the mall.  In my 30’s, I quit smoking and began working out. I ran, lifted weights, and was physically active.

In middle age, working full-time, raising kids, I didn’t make time for exercise or self-care, and I gained weight ... 

How I got here ...



Getting stronger wasn’t something I cared about when I signed up for Mary’s class. My goal was to feel better in a class where I felt safe and wouldn’t jeopardize the progress I’ve made with my ongoing serious back issues.  ...being in a room with 50+ women, including the instructor, is very enervating to me. I feel like I’m with my people. Live Zoom classes offer me efficiency as well as accountability;  I show up at home, no fuss in getting all dressed up for the gym, the same women are there, too, and I get results. 


 Getting stronger has been an incredible side effect and I love it. Besides having more energy to do things I love, like hiking, I‘m on my way to realizing my dream of having fabulously toned arms. Another aspiration is to get strong like Mary.  I am inspired every time I work out with her. She’s incredible.  

— Zoom Class Participant

The name Fit for the Rest of Your Life is meaningful. I want to be fit and not end up like my mother whose health declined so badly she lost the use of her legs in her 80’s. The whole philosophy was a perfect match for me at the time in my life when I was caring for my mother.


The relationship with the trainer  and the other women in the class make me look forward to going each week. Over time we've seen improvement in ourselves and each other. Mary pushes me when I want to quit  She would ask what is stopping you from completing the effort. I learned to pushed though. Mary has a way of making it fun and different every time . Also, she feels like a peer, she’s been through this, she decided to make changes herself and she was successful. It’s inspiring.


Sticking with the strength training circuit class, for  four years now, is making a difference in my life. It includes strength training, stretching, balance; the whole-body workout makes me feel I get a whole lot out of 60 minutes. I have better balance, am stronger, and feel like I’m preparing myself for aging. I can do so much more than when I started even though I’m older now. 

— Outdoor Class Participant

Outdoor Class Participant

Fitness* Blog... does your body keep pace with your life?

*the quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task (life)

Let's do this!
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