Does your body keep pace with your life?

Strong muscles make bodies move better — at every age.



One-On-One With Mary



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Zoom + Outdoor Classes

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One-On-One With Me



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Want to get stronger, move better, feel better?

Strength training classes that do it all . . .




Learn good form - safe, do it right 

(individual attention - small group training)


Start where you are - experienced or learning

(exercises are modified)

Planned, progressive, effective workouts

(get results)




Core Strength




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Joint Comfort



My fitness journey.

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I help people of all ages build the strength, flexibility, and aerobic endurance they need to perform everyday activities safely, and with ease.


For five years, I helped clients at Marin County health clubs achieve life-changing results.  Now, I work on my own, offering the same proven instruction — and much more!


Who I am.

I teach strength training to

individuals and small groups.


My specialty? Functional fitness. In other words:

I'm an NASM-Certified
Personal Trainer.

Born pre-Title Nine, when there were few sports programs for girls, I grew up smoking with friends at the mall.


In my 30’s, I quit smoking and began working out. I ran, lifted weights, and was physically active.

In middle age, working full-time and raising kids, I didn’t make time for exercise or self-care, and I gained weight ... 

How I got here.


I’m just really fit. It wasn’t always this way ...

No, I don’t do anything amazing,

like running marathons.

I’m an athlete — more so now, later in life. 

Mary's live Zoom classes offer me efficiency as well as accountability;  I show up at home, no fuss in getting all dressed up for the gym. The same supportive women are always there, too, and I get results. 

Mary has a way of making exercise fun and different every time. What's more, she feels like a peer. She’s been through this, she decided to make changes herself, and she was successful. It’s inspiring.

My fitness blog.

Does Your Body Keep Pace With Your Life?