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Are Your Goals SMART?

So I received this text from a participant in our Powerful Choices discussion group:

Granted, this wasn't her best shot at setting a goal but what a great place to start a discussion about SMART Goals. There's lots to know about them. Read indeed's article, one place to learn more. Here's her goal for one month:


  • 10k steps 2x/week

  • 5k steps 4x/week

  • no goal 1/week

It's specific, definitely measurable, much more attainable, relevant because recently she's gotten excited about tracking her steps on her phone, and it's time-based. The new goal evolved with group discussion. It became apparent that 10k steps daily, or even most days, was a big time commitment and a goal not easily met. One concept that really resonated with her was setting an "under-goal", something less ambitious with a greater chance of success. This is a great goal for her now and possibly something she can build upon, setting bigger goals in the future.

We're going to check in with her March 4th, one month later! Hopefully, the rest of our group is setting a SMART goal for themselves for the rest of the month. I'm about to check in with them. Progress? To be continued...

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