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HIKING - Finding Your Peeps and Paths

Don't miss the interview Friday, July 16th, at 10:00 PST with Karen Rhodes, veteran hiker and hiking activist. Alyssa Kuhn, doctor of physical therapy, Keep the Adventure Alive, and I, have teamed up to interview Karen as part of our Fitness Series on the Revel platform. There's a couple spots left for the Zoom event. You'll learn all about Bay Area trails, urban and suburban, from leisurely to challenging. Even if you're not in the San Francisco Bay Area, we're going to talk about ways you can access walking/hiking groups where you live. Karen has carved out a lifestyle in retirement that combines keeping fit and contributing to the community. Talking to her in preparing for the interview has me jazzed to get out on the trails and I think you'll get inspired, too. Sign up on Revel events.

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