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Strength Training Resource!

Getting stronger is one of our goals for the START the ADVENTURE . . . for the Rest of Your Life FITNESS CHALLENGE. I'm excited to share this website and resources with you! It's all about strength training.

It's a lot! Here's what I think you'll like . . .

Exercise Library

Look up an exercise, it gives you a video, instructions for doing it, the muscles you are working and links to easier or harder variations.

If there's an exercise we do in a workout and you're just not sure about it, looking it up might be helpful

Don't make the mistake...oh, I know how to do that exercise. Knowing how to do it with great form assures your safety and makes the exercise more effective. I participate in an online group, some heavy-duty lifters, who all post videos asking for feedback on form, still, after years of weight lifting.

Fitness Testing

Since we're just starting our Challenge, now's the perfect time to set a baseline.

For Health Screening you can calculate your BMI or Waist Hip Ratio. You can test your flexibility & Mobility to see where you might want to improve.

How about using the push-up, sit-up calculator and see if you can set a goal for improving .

The 12-Minute run calculator (you can walk, too) is a great way to set cardio goals. Go to the local track, test it and do it again in a month or two.

The functional Movement Screening is an industry wide standard for measuring flexibility, mobility, balance, stability. Try a few of the screenings, for fun!

Enjoy exploring!

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