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What's Your JuJu?

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

So many resolutions, so many good intentions! After diligently setting goals and brainstorming actions to take to work towards them, I would add the actions to my daily to do list. Hours later I would find myself “forgetting” what was important to

me. In frustration I adopted a beloved bright red, felted heart pin as a reminder. It says to me, self-love is my oxygen mask for living the fullest, most connected life I want. It reminds to pause, go deep inside, and think, with each decision I make throughout the day, is this working towards being my own best self? It’s helping! Sometimes I wear it. Sometimes I carry it with me as I get dressed, as I make my to do list, or drive my car. What could be your JuJu, your reminder, to reach for the goals you’ve set?

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