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What's Your Cardiovascular Fitness?

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

The Fitness Calculator, offered by NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), can answer that question. 7 million people have used it successfully to measure their cardiovascular health. Optimal cardiovascular fitness is associated with reduced risk of heart attack, bigger brain volumes, less dementia, anxiety and depression. A link to take the test is below.

Before You Take the Test

Measure your resting heart rate (sit quietly for ten minutes, measure your pulse for 30 seconds,multiply by two)

Measure your waistline (at the level of your navel)

Take the Test

Click here, then click on the black box that says....

How did you do? Want to Compare?

In your results, look for "Your Actual Fitness Level is ___ VO2max

Find what's a good VO2max for you on this chart from First Beat.

Need help getting that fitness program going? Check our my strength circuit classes that include high intensity cardio.

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